Creative home made childrens clothing for special occasions or everyday fun. Most designs can be custom made for your special little one!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

So Fun!!!!!

Today was my first craft show! It went great! It was so fun to talk to all the wonderful people and get out of the house for a while. My AMAZING friend Denise came with me and helped me get organized. She also gave me some fabulous ideas on how to make the process of ordering easier (What she doesn't realize is that she is stuck with me now, I couldn't have done it without her). That new ordering process will be coming in the days/weeks to come.
THANKS to everyone who stopped by Plum Paisley!!! You made today soooo much fun. I am super excited to start sewing all the fun orders I received today!

I tried to get new pictures up of the designs. They aren't great, but they will do until I can get better ones. Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks sooooo much,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Under constuction"

I am going to be working on organizing the blog a little better. So, please be patient with me as I make a few adjustments. 

Thanks, Kate

My first Craft Show, here I come!!!!

The last few days have been filled with sewing, dyeing, and pinning. I am super nervous about the Craft Show on Saturday. I have been working hard to have enough clothes to actually sell something, getting supplies ready, and keeping everything organized. I guess we will see what happens.
I am pretty proud of the stuff I have made. A couple new fun designs. I also tried my hand at tye dyeing, it went better than I thought. And, even got my current orders finished. Wooo hooo!
All this work did come at a price. My boys were pawing at my legs trying to get attention. So I am glad that after this weekend things can go back to normal a little around here. I LOVE my hobby, but I LOVE my boys more. 

So, If you are in the Zeeland area Saturday come say "Hi." 
It is at Zeeland Christian School from  9:00am to 3:00pm.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!!

It has been a couple crazy days over at my house. The boys have started therapy multiple times a week in addition to their doctors appointments. We are adjusting to our new schedule like many of you are with a new school year beginning.

This weekend I spent some time sewing some really fun outfits for some pretty cute little girlies. Girls clothes are soooo fun. I swear all my boys wear is blue, brown, and sometimes we get a little yellow and green thrown in. I am so thankful I get to make adorable girl stuff. It is so colorful and frilly and ruffly....need I say more?
I have also been working on making some more designs for boys. The tie onesies are quite handsome, but I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve. Hopefully I can show them to you in the upcoming months.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Craft Show!!!

Thanks to everyone who checked out my blog! I really appreciate it.
I will post more of my designs in the days to come.

To all who live in the West Michigan area, I will be at the Zeeland Christian Craft Show. It is September 25 from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Come check out all the fun crafts and homemade treasures! Love to see you there.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introducing Plum Paisley

I am a mom of twin boys, born 15 1/2 weeks early. Everyday life is full appointments, nurses, and doctors. Sewing is a way for me to express my creative side. I really enjoy making fun baby clothes for my friends so I decided to show my designs to the world.
The clothes pictured below are designs I can make in many different sizes. If you are interested in them, let me know what you need and I will let you know if I can make it in your special little one's size.

The empire dresses are adorable by themselves or paired with jeans or stretch pants!

In the next few days I will post more pictures of clothes I have for sale. And, my new onesies with ties for the little man in your life.

I hope you enjoy my creations!