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Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!!

It has been a couple crazy days over at my house. The boys have started therapy multiple times a week in addition to their doctors appointments. We are adjusting to our new schedule like many of you are with a new school year beginning.

This weekend I spent some time sewing some really fun outfits for some pretty cute little girlies. Girls clothes are soooo fun. I swear all my boys wear is blue, brown, and sometimes we get a little yellow and green thrown in. I am so thankful I get to make adorable girl stuff. It is so colorful and frilly and ruffly....need I say more?
I have also been working on making some more designs for boys. The tie onesies are quite handsome, but I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve. Hopefully I can show them to you in the upcoming months.

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